Commercial Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates are required for all commercial buildings whenever built, rented or sold.

Like residential EPCs they are intended to inform potential buyers or tenants about the energy performance of a building, so they can consider energy efficiency as part of their investment or business decision to buy or occupy that building.

Certain commercial premises do not require EPCs, these are:

  • Places of worship
  • Detached buildings of less than 50sq metres
  • Industrial sites, workshops and non-residential agricultural buildings with low energy demand.

If you are in doubt as to whether your premises falls within one of these categories please call ecoEPCs for clarification.

So what’s involved with a commercial energy assessment?

The processes involved in undertaking a commercial EPC are fundamentally the same a domestic EPC, however a major difference is that the building needs to be divided into different ‘zones’ dependant on the activities conducted in the zones (ie office space, kitchen, storage area etc).

For each zone the following must therefore be recorded:

  • The dimensions
  • The heating and ventilation types
  • The lighting and controls used
  • The fabric type and thermal efficiency of the materials used: roof, floors, walls and glazing.

Once all this information has been gathered the data is entered into the government approved software, the certificate can then generated.

The commercial EPC covers buildings such as offices, community or day centres, hotels, industrial units, launderettes, care homes and hostels, dental surgeries, nail bars, beauty salons, restaurants, pubs, retail shops, warehouses, social clubs, sports centres, leisure centres, theatres, cinemas, music halls and auditoria, warehouses and storage facilities, private car parks, workshops and maintenance depots.

Our Commercial EPC Area Coverage

The area highlighted in yellow indicates the locations we will assess for a single Commercial EPC.
If you require multiple EPCs outside this area then we would be happy to travel further. Please call us to discuss.


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