Residential/Domestic Energy Performance Certificates

The EPC is generally a five or six page document which contains:-

  • ‘A’ to ‘G’ ratings for the building, with ‘A’ being the most energy efficient and ‘G’ being the least, with the average being ‘D’.
  • A calculation of the carbon footprint of the dwelling.
  • A summary of the efficiency of the main parts of the property.
  • Specific recommendations to reduce the carbon footprint with an indication of cost savings if undertaken.

So what does the Energy Assessor do at the property? The energy assessor will survey the following aspects of the property:

  • The original build date and presence of any extensions
  • The floor area of property
  • The construction of the walls, floors and roofs
  • The glazing
  • The type of heating and hot water system
  • The presence of loft or wall insulation
  • The presence of any solar panels or wind turbines.

Utilising all the information collected, the data will be input into the RdSAP software and the Energy Performance Certificate will be generated.

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